Into Anacostia, D.C.’s urban jungle

By Chris Roberts

  • AR journeys to the Heart of Darkness.

Urban whites seem to have a special skill for avoiding the ghetto. Not just avoiding going there physically, but avoiding discussing it, even acknowledging it’s there. In order to maintain the illusion that the races are equal, you must purposefully blind yourself to huge swathes of most every city.

Washington, DC, is no exception. Just 2.5 miles from the US Capitol building is “Anacostia.” Whites, liberal and otherwise, tell newcomers never to go there, and to avoid the Green Line on the subway, which goes there. They never say why.

Let me try to explain why. Henry Wolff and I spent four hours taking pictures in Anacostia. We were the only white people. Here’s what we saw.

This is the empty shell of an elementary school, named for the late black radical, presumably to provide a “role model” and boost “self-esteem.”


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